The WI State DNR Denied the petition for adjudicative review of the Village of Roberts Wastewater Treatment plant’s WPDES permit, which was reissued for a 5 year term effective September 27th, 2017.  The petition was not denied due to its lack of merit, but rather on a technical procedural issue.  Friends of Twin Lakes supplied the 300+ page document to the DNR in Madison using FedEx overnight delivery, which the State does not consider to be a proper acceptable delivery method.  It is required that petitions be hand delivered, or delivered via USPS Certified mail.

The rejection was a disappointment to residents of the Town of Warren, who are being negatively affected by flooding of the lakes attributed to the long-term effluent discharge from the Roberts Treatment plant.  Residents were seeking relief from damages caused by the plant by requesting that a judge require the Village to begin the process of looking for an alternative discharge site.